Natalie is a British photographer based in Berlin and London, taking commissions worldwide. 

Natalie’s work centers mainly around the portrayal of women and female identity, as well as studies on colour, texture and detail. She seeks to maintain a level of authenticity in her images  and encourages a collaboration with her subjects; giving them space to freely reveal themselves, and a sense of autonomy in how they’re portrayed within the image. 

Selected Clients & Publications
Apres Ski, Clara Collette Miramon, CLUE app, Design Hotels, Emma Pardos, Kaltblut, Missy magazine, Nasty Magazine, Olivia Ballard,  SOUP Archive, Subin Kim.

Tate Lates @ Tate Modern London 2017
Home Away From Home @ Planet Flow Berlin 2019

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Instagram @natalie___dodd

Natalie Dodd

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